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Selected past works

Ragne Mandri

Leidsin / Found You (2021) | 16’ | short fiction film


A curious little girl, Agnes, follows her brother Mihkel to an abandoned house, where she discovers a Russian policeman Dmitri tied up in the basement. Unaware of his true identity, Agnes attempts to free him before Mihkel comes back.

Premiered at PÖFF shorts 2021. Lulea International Film Festival Best Student Film 2022, Student World Impact Film Festival Honorable mention 2022, FECEA, Brazil Best Actress 2022; Foyle Film Festival competition programme etc.

Väike Puust Linn / Little Wooden Town (2009) | 27’ | short fiction film.

Estonian Cinema Union Awards: Best student film of the Year.

Nevena Semova

Võõrad / Unfamiliars (2023) 16' | short fiction film

A human drama about a mother obsessed with documenting her dead son's apartment, a sister forced to inherit her dead brother's old belongings, and a son-in-law pretending to ignore a past affair with his dead lover. Together, they navigate familial tensions and secrets held from each other inside a house that is home to nobody.

Unfamiliars premiered at the Oscar-qualifying In the Palace 2023, was selected at FEST – New Directors | New Films Festival 2023 and won the Best Actress award at the Luleå International Film Festival 2023.

Imposer (2023) | Music video
A music video for the Estonian band The Lou Lous.

Selected at European Music Video awards.

Hunger (2022) | 16' | Dance film

A struggling writer hungers for validation and meaning while battling his inner demons. As he gets recognition, he loses his self-doubt. He is only able to move on, once he accepts himself for who he is.


Hunger premiered at Exeter International Dance film festival EDIFF 2022, where it won Best Student Film, was selected at Europe Music Video Awards 2023, LoudSoulMusic Festival 2022 and Golden FEMI 2023.

Constellations (2022) | Hybrid VR and theatre performance

A doctoral performance directed by Ana Falcon, starring Elise Nikonov and Henri Lind at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Originally penned by Nick Payne, this was the premiere of "Constellations" in Estonia.

Rua Da Solidão / Loneliness Street (2021) | 9' | short fiction film

Rua da Solidão is about the forgotten and invisible work of many workers in our modern society, portrayed through the lonely journey of a food delivery man into the night.

Selected at Lisbon Film Rendezvous (semi-finalist for best film), FARCUME: Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de Faro, First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (UK), FECEA  -Festival Internacional de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada, Brazil, AFTERLIFE, South Africa; International Inter
University Short Film Festival, Bangladesh. Bizarrya Short Film Festival.

Sushant Bhat

Pritha | short fiction film 

When Pritha gets pregnant as  a result of a forbidden affair with a temple priest in rural India, the abandons her to convince the villagers that this is an act of God using their myths and power to escape shame and ostracism.


Pritha was produced by the Film and Television Institute of India, and shown at several festivals , garnering it the Best Short Film and Best Director at the Indo-French Film Festival. 

How to Tame a wild elephant (2021) | short fiction film

A hormonally charged, talented teenage trumpetist in an all-male music school, faces a dilemma - his innate spontaneity and improvisation against the firm grip of his Maestro’s baton. He has to find a way to navigate his sexuality, which gets increasingly entwined with his ability to play.


How to Tame a Wild Elephant premiered at Huesca International Film Festival(Oscar Qualifying), is still doing its circuit,  has been screened at various festivals since and will be screened next as a  part of the official competition this year In the Palace Film Festiva, Bulgaria. Sushan also won the Award for Best Director for How to Tame a Wild Elephant at Fest Aruanda in  Brazil.

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