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Ragne Mandri (screenwriter and director)

Estonian director, Ragne, has directed 7 short films and 2 prime time television series. The first season of “Pillow Club'' won “Best TV Series of the Year '' in Estonia. Her latest film “Found You'' premiered at Black Nights Film Festival and is now on its festival run (Lulea film festival’s Best Film and FECEA, Brazil Best Actress).

Nevena Semova (producer)

Nevena Semova is an international producer, who has produced four short films, a hybrid VR performance and a TV documentary in the two years she spent in the Baltics. In 2022, Nevena joined forces with screenwriters/directors Ragne Mandri and Sushant Bhat and editor Tul Paloma Rodriguez in the production company Fat Cat Film.

Nevena is one of ten emerging producers selected to participate in the New Producers Room at Cannes 2023.

Sushant Bhat (screenwriter and director)

Sushant is an award-winning director with 4+ years of experience as AD. His film “Pritha” won Best Director and Best Short Film at IndoFrench Festival and “How to Tame a wild elephant” recently premiered at the Huesca International Film Festival.

Tul Paloma Rodriguez (screenwriter and editor)


Filmmaker with a keen interest in film editing, Tul has over 4 years of experience in film and video production. She has participated in several productions in countries worldwide, including Colombia, Portugal, Brussels and Estonia. Currently, in post-production of Kim-Ki Duk's latest film, soon to be premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

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